2016 Master Class - All About Characters

Character is story. Story is Character. – Robert McKee

Award-winning, international bestselling author and RITA® finalist Robin Perini has hit the Top 5 on Amazon Bestseller lists in the U.S., UK and Germany. Devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high-stakes adventures with a love story sure to melt their hearts, she invites readers to “Step into the Crossfire” with her romantic thriller novels, which Publishers Weekly call ‘refresh[ing] romantic suspense” and RT Book Reviews calls “edge-of-the-seat, gripping suspense…with memorable and scarred characters who readers care about.”

Robin’s strong characters and tightly woven plots have garnered her numerous awards. After winning the prestigious Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® in 2011, she went on to sell fourteen novels in a little over two years, which tests her sanity on a regular basis. Robin works for an advanced technology corporation as an analyst. You can find out more information at her website www.robinperini.com or visit her on Twitter @RobinPerini, Facebook (RobinPeriniAuthor), Goodreads or Pinterest. Her literary agent is Jill Marsal of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.
Master Class
Characters are the heart of any story, and understanding how to develop and take advantage of characters is one of the keys to making a good book great. In this hands-on, practical day-long workshop, award-winning, international bestselling and RITA® finalist author Robin Perini will dig deep, layer by layer, into the art of creating three dimensional characters, braiding character and story, using characters to evoke emotions, and finally exploring the nitty gritty of taking your writing to the next level. Learn the tools, skills and approaches she uses in her own novels which Publishers Weekly call “refresh[ing] romantic suspense” and RT Book Review calls “edge-of-the-seat, gripping suspense … with memorable and scarred characters who readers care about.”
Designed for a wide range of writers, from beginners to published authors, this interactive workshop will include numerous exercises so that attendees can leave the workshop with tools to strengthen their work.

Master Class September 17, 2016Oxford Suites Boise Idaho Hotel
1426 S. Entertainment Avenue • Boise, Idaho 83709
Phone: 208.322.8000

Time: 8:00am Registration

8:30am Start

Noon-1:00pm, Lunch

1:00pm – 5:00pm-ish!

Breaks along the way. Lunch included. If you have any questions, please contact the event coordinator Janis McCurry at janismccurry@yahoo.com


1st segment: Peeling Off the Layers: Character vs. Characterization.

Explore the relationship between character and story by analyzing and applying the concepts of characterization and character and how the differences between the two can be used as story-building tools.
2nd segment: Braiding Character and Structure.

Character and structure should be so interwoven that it should be difficult to separate them. Learn several methods of how both plot-by-the-seat-of-their-pants writers (“pantsers”) as well as the methodical outliners (“planners”) can approach this difficult skill to take their writing and their stories to the next level.
3rd segment: Arc of the Scene: A Practical Guide to Linking Character, Emotion and Plot.

Take a step by step into the heart and soul of your story. Learn how to wield the power of the scene and its arc to where character, emotion and plot intertwine with motivation, and emotion-rich drama.
4th segment: Wrap Up - 12 Steps to Making a Good Book Great.

Every great book has some key elements which contribute to its success. Using practical examples, this segment breaks down twelve of the most important elements of great fiction, from a powerful story question to point of view to theme to identifying the core brand of each writer. 


And that’s not all. During the course of the day, there will be an opportunity for a hands-on review of the first three paragraphs of attendees’ manuscripts during the course of the workshop. Contact Robin through her website at http://www.robinperini.com/contact/ no later than August 25, 2016. Openings must be emailed by September 3, 2016. The subject line of your email must read CBC OPENING — YOUR NAME. Robin will then send you information on where to email your opening (the first three paragraphs of the manuscript; double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt (or equivalent); no name in the header, but include the title and genre). Robin will comment on all openings, but by sending an entry, your manuscript may be used as an example during the workshop.